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    Medable at JPM Week


    Meet with the leaders and disruptors behind the industry's most flexible Decentralized Clinical Trial Platform.


    See What Lessons the Past Holds, and Where the Future of Trials is Headed with Medable at JPM!



    This year, you're invited to take a brief dive into the past and future of clinical trials with Medable at JPM week. With a total of four sessions across the DigiMed and Fierce landscapes, Dr. Michelle Longmire, Ali Holland, and Rasmus Hogreffe are excited to explore topics that are changing how our industry works. 

    Medable sessions below:

    Rerouting: How Real-Time Patient Data Will Drive the Future of Healthcare

    Presented by: Michelle Longmire, CEO, Medable, Andy Coravos, CEO, Elektra Labs, Maria Fotiu, Executive VP of Decentralized Solutions, Syneos, Dr. Priyanka Agarwal, Director and Head of Digital Health, Myokardia, Thomas Switzer, Digital Health Scientist, Genentech

    Conference: Fierce Showcase

    There can be no mention in today’s clinical trial world without considering decentralised capabilities. The continued digitization of trials combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have thrust trials into new and unexplored pathways. Now, with several companies heralding the promise of real-time data, the industry may be about to take a sharp right turn. Join our speakers as they discuss key real-time data and decentralised trial principles from the patient journey and measures that matter to clinical research as a care option.

    Patient-Driven Therapeutics: Charting the Future of Healthcare

    Patient-Driven Therapeutics: Charting the Future of Healthcare

    Presented by: Michelle Longmire, CEO, Medable

    Conference: DigiMed Showcase

    Direct-to-patient technologies are redefining the healthcare landscape. During this session hear insights focused on how mobile technologies will usher in a new era of healthcare where patients exert more control over their treatments and therapies, while physicians expand the breadth and depth of how they can interact with patients.

    Michelle Longmire

    User Experience: From the Patient, Site and Sponsor's View

    Presented by: Rasmus Hogreffe, VP of DCT Innovation, Medable

    Conference: DigiMedShowcase

    Join Rasmus as he speaks about what it takes to craft a simple, inuitive, and modern user interface for patients, sites, and sponsors. With a focus on:

    1. How do you reduce patient burden?

    2. What’s the best way to ensure understanding?

    3. How to reduce site burden?  

    4. How to reduce manual processes?

    5. How do you shift from reactive to proactively study management?

    Rasmus Hogreffe

    Hindsight is 2020: Lessons Learned from DCTs and 2021 Prediction

    Hindsight is 2020: Lessons Learned from DCTs and 2021 Predictions

    Presented by: Allison Holland, Head, Virtual Clinical Trials and Craig Lipset, Industry Leader in Innovation and Research

    Conference: DigiMedShowcase

    2020 has been a remarkable year for health, drug development and decentralised connectivity with over 1 million people around the world engaging with Medable applications. In this session we'll offer insights to:

    1. DCT foundations and priorities learned and experienced in 2020

    2. DCT ecosystems, enabling a unified, seamless experience

    3. Case studies, metrics and lessons learned

    Alison Holland

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